publié le vendredi 23 sept. 2016

Dernière conférence: Integrating Sustainability: the challenges and opportunities of asset owners

Olivier Ferrari comptait parmi les conférencier du Robecosam Forum, rdv incontournable de la finance durable internationale.

Most pension funds have struggled to make their first steps of ESG integration, including PRI signatories. With growing Institutional attention to ESG externalities and a more informed discussion about short term performance versus long term returns to short term we now see a major shift towards strategies incorporating this approach. Key objective of this panel: better understand the “why” asset owners adopt their Sustainability approach


Olivier Ferrari, CEO, CONINCO Explorers in finance SA
Pierre Lavallée, Senior Managing Director & Global Head, Investment Partnerships
Anders Thorendal, Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer, Church of Sweden